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Lawton Wong, DDS Blog

Dec. 21st, 2007

02:15 pm - Attachments sent

01:44 pm - Documentation #4: Analysis and Blog 2

To:       Ms. Edith C. Pascua, Sales Coordinator, Paradise Pages

            David Akina, President, Paradise Pages

            Bob Olovsson, National Accounts, Paradise Pages, former representative, California

            Pearl Malais, Interested party


From:    Lawton C.E. Wong, DDS, Inc.



Document Summary:

Documentation #1:  Bad Customer Service, Mistakes and Indecent exposure
Documentation #2:   Bad Customer Service:  What Service?
Documentation #3:  The Blog of Errors.

Documentation #4:  Analysis and Blog 2.

Dear Edith:

Thank you once again for allowing me to voice my concerns.


I am totally shocked to find that my monthly call count is currently zero.  Puka, nothing, ZERO!  What is so depressing is that a two-color ad directly below me pulling in 75 calls per month!

In this email, I will document beyond a reasonable doubt that my ad is statistically ineffective.  I will use analytical data from Trackacall.com and TheParadisePages.com.  I will show you how you corrupted the image files before it reached the printers.  I will show you more data of how others view my ad.

This documentation is called:  Analysis and Blog 2.

Analysis #1:   Statistical Data

As you know, my ad is in the first position for my size.  It is located on the upper left position on the page.  I understand this to be the best position for any ad.  There are three, same size ads directly below me:

Lawton C.E. Wong, DDS                                Melvin W.C. Lee, DDS
(Call Count = see attached)                            (Call count = 30 – 40/month)
                                                                         Same size ad

Dr. William H. Fung                                        Garrett T. Hayashi, DDS
(Call Count = 75/month)                                (Call Count = 50-75/month)
Same size ad                                                   Same size ad

(left page 382)                                                  (right page 383)


Drs. Hayashi's and Fung's ad are 2-color ads.  Dr. Lee's and my ad are full color ads.  Dr. Fung receives approximately 75 calls a month from his ad while Dr. Hayashi gets around 50 – 75 per month.   Dr. Lee gets about 30 – 40 calls per month.  Last year, I had received slightly less than 20 calls per month from my ad.

For the 2007 – 2008 display ad, I told Gene that I wanted an ad that would generate a call count equal to or better than the ads directly under me.   Gene said he would get me some sample ads for me to look at.  He said he would create a cleaner and more visible type of ad.   He mentioned that he would have several ad samples for me to look at.

As you know, Gene failed to provide even one sample ad for me to look at.   This was highly unusual for an advertising company.  I was never given the opportunity to select from any sampling of ads because he never made one for me!
As you know, at the ad deadline, I had to rush to make my own ad while spending at least 15 hours of my own time.  When it was completed, Gene said it was a cleaner and more visible type of ad.   He said I did an excellent job and this was a good ad.  He went on to say that though he could not predict it, he thought I would get more calls to my office.   Let's see if he was correct.

As you already know, there was a dramatic drop in the calls to my office when this ad came out last October.  The following uses Trackacall.com's data.

Trackacall Nov. 1 thru present, 2007 Data:

Please see the enclosed attachment for the month of November 2007.   There are zero calls as of November 16, 2007!

Trackacall October 2007 Data:

Please see the enclosed.  I received five calls in October 2007.   Let's analyze them.  The first call was from California and it was a wrong number.  The second and third calls were from a cleaning service and a moving and storage service.   Since these were solicitations, I would not count these as actual calls.

There were two calls at the end of the month:

4          October 30 2007         8343                 N1       0          5:25:02 PM                 5:25:04 PM.

5          October 30 2007         8343                N1        0          5:25:11 PM                 5:25:13 PM.

Calls 4 and 5 is probably the same person calling twice and he never let it ring long enough for the caller ID to register and the call was not transferred to us.   We track calls through our office caller ID.  On October 30, 2007, during these times, the office's caller ID showed that we did not receive any calls during that time.

All five calls were outside of our normal business hours.  For October and November 2007, I received no calls for my ad!  We scheduled zero patients from this ad.

This is terrible!  My more expensive ad, with a better position, received no calls while less expensive ads below me received between 40 – 75 calls per month!   I have not been able to sleep normally at night after seeing this stat.

The following deals with the analysis of the photo image data and how it relates to the poor call count.

Analysis #2:  Photo Image Data.

You mentioned that the printer was at fault.   While this is true, I believe that you submitted a corrupted file to be printed.  Let's look at the data.

Please refer to the attachment with the heading Image Analysis.  The first column is the original photo. The second column is what you submitted to the printer.   This was obtained directly from your website:


The third column is from the ad itself.

Assuming that the digital online data is what you submitted to the printer, this should look very similar to the original photos that were submitted.   However, if you study column 2, you will find that the images are faded, blurry with the wrong white-balance and color-correction filters applied.  Notice that the color saturation is wrong.  Notice that the images are too light and bleached out.

The printers tried to compensate by darkening and sharpening the picture.   Unfortunately, this created a very dark, low resolution and pixilated image.

Conclusion:  You corrupted my picture files before they were went to the printers.   The printer further polluted the image when it was printed.  This is why the ad looks so bad.

Blog #2:

Here are a few sample posts from Blog #2.

Dr. Roger Wong
, a highly respected cosmetic dentist, who isn't related to me said:

The quality came extremely poor, unappealing, dark, grim, far from cosmetic, makes a degrading image, and has the opposite effect of what was intended.

The print looks like a mockery of the models. It looks like someone painted white milk mustaches on the upper lips of the models. The girl model looks like she has lipstick smeared all over her teeth. The smudging of the ink makes the models look like they have clown make up on…

Dr. Lyndon Fong
, a highly respected gum specialist said:

…My conclusion thus far has it that Dr. Wong has done his due diligence on submitting his ad, from concept, to images, text, fonts, etc. It appears that Paradise Production has dropped the ball on this particular ad…

Dr. John West Okamoto
, a highly respected dentist and owner of Island Dental said:

…Paradise pages went on a holiday when they created your ad. If they were good business people they would refund all your money and apologize for the degradation of your business image. This poor quality advertisement negatively impacts your business profile and does not give your original pictures any esthetic credibility…

Ms Lynne Lee

RE:  Dr.  Tammy Chang-Motooka's ad

Look at page 386, especially the two smiling girls at bottom right. I can see smiles, faces and people don't look like monsters. The pictures are around the same size, but a lot clearer even though the faces are smaller. See how the pictures are very clear here?

Just look at page 390. PDG has a nice clear picture, but they must have paid less. This is a smaller ad. The color saturation is nice; the contrast to brightness ratio is good. No reason why ad in question shouldn't look as good.

We do photos at our work. We can digitally enhance a bad photo of a face and make it better. However, this is the reverse. The original photos submitted were not bad ones, but Paradise Pages digital enhanced it to look bad. This is sloppy, unprofessional work. I can't understand why this wasn't caught during the master printout stage. I would never allow this unprofessional work to get pass me…

Tammy Chang-Motooka DDS, MS, a highly respected orthodontist, whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting said:

The print quality of the photos in the ad are a disservice to the image of your practice. Those who know you are aware that you are a conscientious individual, who would not approve an ad of such poor quality. The main feature of any dental ad should be the "smile", which is not clearly depicted in any of the printed photos…

Dr. Chang-Motooka is currently in the Paradise Pages book.  Please look at her ad.  Look at how clear her photos looks.

The other girl in the ad is named Linda.  Here is what she said:

My name is Linda and I am the other girl in the ad. I was shocked and quite disappointed with the poor quality of Dr. Wong's ad in the Paradise Pages as compared to the other ads. Dr. Wong should be refunded at least half the cost and also be given a large discount for an ad in next year's directory.....assuming he'll even consider placing another ad next year. I think it's terrible that Paradise Pages thinks there's nothing wrong with the ad. It shows that all they care about is collecting their fees when they should be concerned about customer satisfaction and quality control. After seeing the poor picture quality in the ad and hearing of Dr. Wong's problems in getting adequate compensation, it seems Paradise Pages is a company with poor business ethics and hardly a reputable one at that. - Ms. Linda M.

The full text of this blog can be seen here:



The Trackacall printout show that this is an ineffective ad.   I have presented other highly respected people who think this ad is ineffective and poorly made.  The image file was corrupted before it went to the printer.   The printing company tried to compensate for the corrupt image which further degraded the image quality.  The poorly made ad resulted in a poor Trackacall count.

I have a hard time sleeping at nights now knowing that my ad is so ineffective while other ads around me are so effective. 

Documents to follow:

Documentation #5:  Draft Title:  Blog 3 Summary
Documentation #6:   Draft Conclusion:  Be Like Bob!

Nov. 12th, 2007

04:24 pm - Documentation 3 of 6: The Blog of Errors.

To:      Ms. Edith C. Pascua, Sales Coordinator, Paradise Pages

            David Akina, President, Paradise Pages

            Bob Olovsson, National Accounts, Paradise Pages, former representative, California

            Pearl Malais, Interested party


From:  Lawton C.E. Wong, DDS, Inc.



Document Summary:

Documentation #1:  Bad Customer Service, Mistakes and Indecent exposure
Documentation #2:   Bad Customer Service:  What Service?

Documentation #3:  The Blog of Errors.

Dear Edith:

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to voice my concerns.  It would be refreshing if someone besides Bob would listen to the customer for a change.   If someone had just listened to me, we would not have rushed this ad and gotten this result.

Speaking of Bob, he created my first ad by using a soft pastel background color framed by a fancy line art frame.  It was a nice ad in that the soft pastel background color accentuated the words and pictures in the ad. This background has been carried forward each year.   For example, just look at last year's ad.  Bob will remember this as the "Beautiful Smiles Start Here…"ad with a picture of Joanna showing a close-up of her missing and restored tooth.

In this documentation, I will show you beyond a reasonable doubt that there are some serious errors in this ad.  This soft pastel background and foreground was darkened negating the nice effect Bob created.   I will show you beyond a reasonable doubt that this ad negatively affects my practice.  I will show you beyond a reasonable doubt that the picture file got corrupted.

In this documentation, I will show you how the colors of the ad got corrupted through improper masking technique.  In the next documentation email, I will show you how the colors got screwed up.

The true test is how others view my ad.  As I mentioned before, I have invited others to document their unbiased and honest opinion of the ad in question.   I will show you beyond a reasonable doubt that others view this as a poor ad which reflects negatively on my office.

This documentation is called:  The Blog of Errors

Mistake #1:  No closing quotes.

Please use the spell check when creating these ads.  The end-quote is missing.

Mistake #2:  Did not copy "Most Plans Accepted" phase.

The instruction was to not change the phase if there was enough room.  There was room on that line.

Mistake #3:  Blurry "Smile power" and "Call" font changed.

I did not authorize a change in this font.  Bob's "Call" and "Smile Power" word fonts were sharp.  The shadow fonts here are hard to read and blurry.

Mistake #4:  Ad background color changed by going darker.

Gene and I gave the art department specific instructions regarding the background:  DO NOT CHANGE IT.  KEEP IT THE SAME AS LAST YEAR. 

Since this was extremely close to the book deadline, Gene and I agreed that changing the background without the possibility of getting a final show-proof was too risky.   If we kept the same background color, the ad would be fine.

Unfortunately, the soft pastel color background color changed to a darker shade.  When it got darker, the foreground images and words appear darker, impacting the image quality.   Notice how the overall ad seems darker and gloomier as compared to last year's ad.

Fatal Mistake #5:  Digital image files were manipulated and colors got corrupted.   Wrong mask applied.

The ad's colors got corrupted.  The foreground picture images are dark, blurry and pixilated.

The artist forgot to mask-protect the digital image brightness, contrast, hue and color balance.  Notice how the images are seen taking in slightly the background color.   Notice how the images are taking on reds and grays.  The proper way to mask protect is here:


In the next email documentation, under the analysis section, I will show you beyond a reasonable doubt how the digital file sent to the printers was already corrupted.

Mistake #6:  Dr. Wong's head decapitation, lower right.  Dr. Wong head turns into a fat head due to width elongation.

The art department was suppose to take out the background and leave just my head in the picture.  When they forgot to do so, it looks like my head is being decapitated.

The instruction was that this picture was to replace last year's picture of Joanna in the lower right.  Notice how the background is cut away from JoAnna in last year's ad.

Secondly, I lost 50 lb when I took this picture.  You gave me back 50 lb when you stretched and distorted it wider than the original photo.

All of the digital files have been elongated wider to some degree.  The lower right image is the worst. Stretching a digital file only contributes to increasing distort factor of each picture.

Mistake #7:  Submitted excellent pictures to Gene, ghost people in ad.  Incorrect reformatting done.

Gene said I submitted excellent pictures that would present no problems.  Notice that, in the ad, I can't even see the blurry faces well, not to mention the smiles.   As you have already agreed, the pictures came out dark and the resolution suffered.

I see someone who rushed this.  Someone didn't format the high definition images correctly.  The result were darken, distorted, elongated, pixilated images.

Fatal Mistake #8:  Printer Error.

The digital file was rushed to be printed.  Since it already had errors, printing it would only compound the problem.   Here is what you said:

"…the press registration is off more than usual, and this is the root cause of the problem".

Source:  Edith C Pascua, October 3, 2007

Fact #9:  The public's opinions are the final judge.

People who saw this year's ad told me it was poorly created.  I invited people to post their honest, unbiased comments in a blog. 

Here are a few excerpts from some sample posts:

The highly respected Dr. Meredith Pang of an Otolaryngology clinic said:

Someone at Paradise Pages should have looked at these ghosted photos and redone them. The problem is not just that there is no value with these photos but that there is negative value to the purchaser of the ad…


The highly respected eye doctor of a highly respected Ophthalmology clinic, Dr. Ronald Ling said:

After seeing the low quality of this ad's photos, I would not be inclined to call this dentist for dental services. The poor quality of the presentation provides a feeling that the dental office is in a ghetto…




Dr. Curtis Kamisugi, a highly respected Orthodontist said:

Gosh Lawton, this ad is terrible! That ad is not doing you or your patients any justice. The quality is very poor and I'm amazed and appalled that Paradise Pages would even print it. Those pictures would not "wow" any potential patients and you need to be refunded. You're right in that the people in the photos look absolutely sickly.



Ms. Nancy Nishimura said:

Dr. Lawton's advertising in the Paradise Pages is unacceptable. The pictures are dark and not precise and Dr. Lawton's picture is terrible. His head is lopped off…



From the dental business manager of one of the busiest and respected dental practices in the State of Hawaii, Ms. Young said:

…Dr. Wong's ad is dull, colorless and it loses its competitiveness. The prospective patients will quickly skip over this unattractive ad. And hence, there is no value to Dr. Wong, when it loses the ability to attract patients…

Ms. Michelle Casanova said:

My name is Michelle Casanova and the first picture is me. Frankly I am sorely disappointed with my picture and how the coloring is totally off in the book. I look like one big mess and am very embarrassed about the way it looks. I was so happy and excited to be in the Paradise Pages for the first time, but unfortunately, it looks like a total disaster. I strongly advise Paradise Pages to give Dr. Lawton Wong's money back for such horrific portrayals of such beautiful people. I am truly appalled by such poor quality from a supposedly reputable company…

You can read the full text version and comments of others by reading the next section.

Do you have internet access?  If you do, you may skip to the next section and go to the section called Discussion.

(Go to link below to see whole Blog)


The full text version can be read by going here:



As you can plainly see, people think this ad is ineffective and poorly done.  Some think it will negatively affect my professional image.   Some want this ad to be reprinted.  Some of the adjective phases used were:  Disappointment, terrible, very fuzzy, not sharp, dull and dark, embarrassed, screwed up, ashamed, very, very poor quality, awful, travesty, sickly and very terrible ad.


The next documentation will present more blog analysis.  I will show you more evidence.   I will show you in diagram fashion, where the pre-printing mask protection went wrong.  Stay tuned.

Documents to follow:

Documentation #4:  Draft Title:  Blog 2 Analysis and improper color correction
Documentation #5:  Draft Title:  Blog 3 Summary
Documentation #6:  Draft Conclusion:   Be Like Bob!


Oct. 19th, 2007

05:20 am - Sample email log


05:14 am - RE: Paradise Page, A YellowBook.com, Documentation #2 of 6: Bad Customer Service: What Service?

To:       “Edith C. Pascua” epascua@theparadisepages.com

From:    Lawton C.E. Wong, DDS, Inc.


C: “Bob Olovsson” bolovsson@sbcglobal.net, “d akina” <davidakina@theparadisepages.com>

“Pearl Malalis” info@hawaii.bbb.org, PMALALis@hawaii.bbb.org


To:       Ms. Edith C. Pascua, Sales Coordinator, Paradise Pages

            David Akina, President, Paradise Pages

            Bob Olovsson, National Accounts, Paradise Pages, former representative, California

            Pearl Malais, Interested party

From:    Lawton C.E. Wong, DDS, Inc.



Encl:  Attached sample of emails, one email account only.


Dear Edith:


In this documentation, I will show beyond a reasonable doubt that the Paradise Pages neglected me and my ads.

Let me continue with:

Documentation #2 of 6:  Bad Customer Service:  What Service?

Gene was now my representative.  I’ll say this:  He is a really nice guy, and I believe we got along fine.  Unfortunately, he was just too busy to service me.  I will show you excerpts from sample emails starting from March 28, 2007, where I asked Gene to get started on my ad account.  I asked him several times to meet with him.  Unfortunately, he failed appointments and he didn’t come to my office until it was very late in the ad campaign.  During a three week period, I left him over 25 emails and telephone messages, regarding my Paradise Page ad. He basically ignored me during this time.  I turned to Bob when Gene did not respond.

Remember the Oceanic commercial deadline Bob informed me about?  History repeats itself.

Shockingly, I will show you that I almost never made it into this year’s book.  I just happened to talk to Bob just before the drop-dead deadline for the Paradise Page book. It was from Bob, not Gene that I learned about this deadline!  It is such a bad business practice to not keep the client informed of important events, and to start an important ad just day before the book closes.  In all my years of advertising, I have never seen any advertising representative ignore such basic principles of not informing the client of important ad deadlines.  I all my years, I have never been ignored for weeks at a time from people who want my business.  It was a weird year for, which I can honestly say:  “Bad Customer Service:  What Service?”

Email logs:

I use several different computers when I email Gene.  Enclosed, please find an attached file showing the sample of the emails I sent from just one computer from one email account.  Look at how many times I tried to contact Gene by email.

Let’s look at some of the emails I sent Gene.  Previously, I asked Gene on the phone to come to my office and get started on the ad.  The following represents email excerpt samples from one computer (two different email accounts):


Let’s get started on my ad, #1:  Does anyone care?

Sent:     Wednesday, March 28, 2007 7:56 PM

To:       gene@theparadisepages.com

Cc:       Bob Olovsson; tee@theparadisepages.com

Subject: No response from Oceanic OR Paradise Pages!

Importance:       High




Can someone talk to me?  I have had no contact from anyone from Paradise for weeks now.  The last emails over 2 weeks to you have gone unanswered.  Oceanic has not contacted me in months.  Does anyone care about my account?  Did something happen to Gene? 

Please, let’s get started, #2:  When will we meet?

Sent:     Saturday, April 21, 2007 9:17 PM

To:       gene@theparadisepages.com

Cc:       Bob Olovsson; tee@theparadisepages.com

Subject: No response from Oceanic OR Paradise Pages!

            Importance: High




I have not heard from anyone in a very long time.  When will I get to meet you to get started on my ad?  No one has asked me about it yet.


Request #3:  Tee, what’s going on?  Gene has not gotten me start yet.

Sent:     Sunday, April 22, 2007

            “Tee “ tee@theparadisepages.com

RE:       No response from Oceanic OR Paradise Pages!



I have yet to meet with Gene. 
I have mentioned [getting started on] my ad in the past, but he hasn’t done anything to get it started.

Lawton Wong, DDS



Let’s get going #4:  When will I get to meet you to get started on my ad?

04-21-2007 to Gene:


I have not heard from anyone in a very long time.  When will I get to meet you to get started on my ad?  No one has asked me about it yet….


Please talk to me next week.


Lawton Wong, DDS


Let’s get going #5.  Bob, why isn’t Gene responding to my calls and emails?  Please find out what’s going on.




…I have emailed him many times and called him many times.  In the last several weeks, I have not gotten a reply.  He has not returned my emails or my calls.  [He]I sounds like a very nice fellow, but maybe he’s busy.

Do you know if we are getting close to the deadline?  To this date, I have not started on my yellow page ads.  What’s going on?  Please find out.

Thank you,

Lawton Wong, DDS


Let’s get going #6:  Don’t we need to get started????  This isn’t a hint!





I tried to call you today, your voice mail came on.  Please let me know what is happening with my account.  No one from Oceanic has called on me.  I have not heard from you in some time now.  Don’t we need to get started with my ad????

Lawton Wong, DDS


Can we please get started, #7:  You said you would call and I stayed until 10 pm waiting for your call:


May 11


I was expecting your call yesterday, but got none.  I was off yesterday but was in the office until 10 pm.  Today, I’m busy with patients.

Please let me know the status of my ads.

Lawton Wong, DDS

(Note:  There is no status because we didn’t get started on my ad yet.)

Gene is unreachable; Bob asks me on the phone if I knew about the drop dead deadline on the 18?  Gene hasn’t met with me yet to even start on my ad. WOW!!! I’m in a panic now.

You failed to show up, #8:  Please call me ASAP, you failed to show up on Thursday. You never informed me about any deadline:

May 12



I left you emails and phone calls, but have not gotten any reply.  I’m getting worried.  Isn’t my ad suppose be finished by the 18th.  I don’t have anything yet.  You and I were suppose to meet on Thursday, you never contacted me.  Please call me ASAP.

Lawton Wong, DDS

Begging for help, #9:  Wow, Bob was very surprised Gene doesn’t respond and tried to help:

May 14



I forwarded your message on.  I really don’t know what else to do.  I have made contact with everyone I know over there…


Bob O.

I’m in an extreme panic, #10:  I tell Bob I’m going to contact David:

May 14

Hi Bob:

I’m going to try to call your president.  I hope this isn’t above protocol, but we need to get going on this!

Lawton Wong, DDS

Please Help, #11.  Where are YOU???  Last try before I call your president.


bcc       Bob Olovsson <bolovsson@sbcglobal.net>         

            date      May 16, 2007 12:31 PM

            Subject Re: Expecting your call yesterday          



Where are you?  I left 2 phone messages for you.  Please give me call….


Help on the way, #12.  NOT!

From:    “d akina” <davidakina@theparadisepages.com>
To: “’Bob Olovsson’” <
Cc: <
Subject: RE: My account
Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 22:56:30 -0800

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@page Section1

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…According to Dr. Wong, Gene had not serviced him at all this year…

Still hard to get Gene, #13:

To Gene:


Please give me a call…

Help on the way?  After reading my email asking for help #14, David instructs Gene to call me asap, #15:



From:    “d akina” <davidakina@theparadisepages.com>

To:       <gene@theparadisepages.com>

Cc:       <LawtonWongDDS@XXX.net>

Subject: FW: Read: A Akamai Family Dentistry Commercial

Date:    Wed, 13 Jun 2007 19:34:32 -0800



Please give Dr. Wong a call asap!





From:    LW [mailto:LawtonWongDDS@XXX.net]

Sent:     Wednesday, June 13, 2007 8:25 PM

To:       d akina

Subject: Re: Read: A Akamai Family Dentistry Commercial



I have called and emailed Gene about 15 X in the last 2 weeks.  I’m having trouble reaching him….



Even after David said to call ASAP, Gene does not call!  Gene does not call on Saturday.  He actually never calls me ever again.  How’s that for customer service?

Please note that between the emails, I call him from four different phones.  I call him from my office phone, cell phone, my home phone and my ip phone.  I call daily and leave messages daily for him.

When Gene did not call on Saturday, I called and emailed him another 5x, making it a total of 20 calls/emails in 2 weeks.  In the next week, I called and emailed him another 5 -10 times at least!  By my count, I called and emailed him 25-30 times in 3 weeks and got absolutely no response.

I think you get the point.  Here are just three more sample emails:

Please Help, #16:  Gene!  Where are you???



Please give me a call.  I have not talked to you in weeks.  I have left you numerous messages…
Lawton Wong, DDS



2nd  email that day.

Please Help, #17:  We got deadlines to meet!  What about my ad?



Please give me a call.  I have not talked to you in weeks.  I have left you numerous messages… 


Lawton Wong, DDS


Please Help, #18.  I got errors!

To Gene




Please call.  I need to discuss the show-proofs.  If you can’t call, please direct me to the department who can help me….



Lawton Wong, DDS



Please Help, #19, I got errors!

To Gene:




Please give me a call, or let me know what to do with the show-proofs….

Lawton Wong, DDS


The above examples shows only 19 of the many attempts I tried to contact Gene by email only.

As you can see, Gene made very little contact with me the entire year.  Besides the emails, I also left Gene numerous phone messages after phone messages.  I called him daily for weeks.  I got nothing from him during a most critical time in the ad campaign.  This is absolutely not the way to do business.  Do you want my business?  Then why is it so frustratingly hard to contact your people?  Please answer me.

As you can see, I made many attempts to get started on my ads early in the year.  Where was the Paradise Page customer service?  Where was Gene?  I just couldn’t get any help from him.  As you can see, he didn’t or couldn’t respond to me even after your president David asked him to.

In my opinion, you are probably working Gene too hard.  What other reason would he not contact me? 

I’m sure that Bob is busy too.  It was Bob from the mainland that responded to every email I sent him in regards to my ad.  I didn’t have any trouble calling and talking to Bob.  Unfortunately, through no fault of Bob, there is only so much he could do for me from California.

Can you guess what I had to do?  At the ad deadline, I had to spend many late-night hours getting everything ready for my ad.  I had to organize photo-shoots with patients at the last minute.  I had to spend hours editing pictures and putting the ads together.  I basically did your job again.  Just ask Bob how much effort I usually put into each ad.  I estimate that I spent over 15 hours getting my ad materials ready for my ad.

Eventually, very late in the game, I would provide Paradise Pages with everything you would need for a good ad.  Gene would eventually say that I did an excellent job and the ad would be just fine.  He promised me that we would keep in contact and he would follow the ad through.  When I found errors in the ad and it needed to be corrected, he could not be reached.  He did absolutely nothing to follow up on the ad and correct any mistakes.  Unfortunately, there were too many mistakes in the ad itself because of this neglect. 


By the way, I made a mistake one day.  I called the wrong cell phone number of another Paradise Pages employee.  This employee was in a meeting with Gene being present.  Since he was next to Gene at the time, he gave Gene his phone.  That was one of the few times I got to talk to Gene very late in the ad campaign.  This does not make your company look good.

In business, you need to return calls and/or emails.  You can’t make appointments and not show up.  You need to follow the ad to its completion.  Gene was missing in actions for weeks.  I should not have to call Bob or your president David Akina for help.

When we start late, mistakes occur.  When it is too late in the ad game, it is too late to correct major errors.  I never got a final show-proof because Gene started me too late.  I believe that the major errors of the ad would have been caught had Gene serviced me sooner.

In all my years since 1983 advertising with GTE, Verizon, Hawaiian Tel and the Paradise Pages Oahu Yellow Pages, I have never had a representative work this little on my ads.  Why should I be penalized for the lack of customer support which resulted in such a bad ad?  It was not my fault that Gene was overworked and could not help me with my ad.  Had he helped me early, I believe this ad would not be this bad.

Documentation 3 will deal with the problems of the ad and the blogs of mistakes.  Still to come:  “To be, or not to be like Bob.”  Stay tuned.


End of Documentation #2.  Documentation #3 to follow when completed.



Oct. 14th, 2007

04:01 pm - Document 1 of 6 sent to the Paradise Pages on Oct 15, 2007

To:       Ms. Edith C. Pascua, Unknown Dept., Paradise Pages


C/O:    David Akina, President, Paradise Pages

            Bob Olovsson, National Accounts, Paradise Pages, former representative, California

            Pearl Malais, Interested party


From:    Lawton C.E. Wong, DDS, Inc.



Dear Edith:


(Please identify yourself.  I don’t believe we have met before.   My receptionist told me that you called and you have been sending me emails since Oct 4, 2007.  My receptionist says that you never identified yourself and your emails do not say what title you hold at the Paradise Pages or your newly created company.   If you are not with customer service, please send a copy of this to your customer service department.  I want my complaint regarding the lack of customer service to be seen by that department.

Since I do not know who you are, I have sent copies to Bob Olovsson and David Akina whom I have already met.   If this is not necessary, please forgive me.)



I will be sending you six documents total.  In these, I will show you beyond a reasonable doubt that I was treated terribly.   Appointments were not kept.  Emails and phone calls messages were not answered for weeks.  My good faith attempts to get my ad program started went ignored.    I was informed about important deadlines only days before the date and I had very little time to act.  The many, many hours of rush-hour work I did basically went to waste.   I will show you mistakes that Ms. Wexler made.  I will show you an indecent exposure in which you did nothing after I reported it.   I will show you beyond a reasonable doubt how the current ad is a poor reflection on my practice.

Here is what you will receive in the days to follow:

Document #1:  Bad Customer Service, Mistakes and Indecent exposure

Document #2:  (Draft title):  Bad Customer Service:   No Service

Document #3:  TBA

Document #4:  TBA

Document #5:  TBA

Document #6:  Conclusion


In the conclusion, I will ask you for a sincere apology.  I will ask you what steps you intend to take to insure that this never happens to anyone again.   I will ask you for a fair and just compensation for me and my patients.

To be fair, I will ask that you dont pass judgment until you have read all six documents.   I will not respond until a period after I send you six documents in six separate emails.  I will send one or two documents per day, but only after they are completed.   This will be the first document.


Document #1:  Bad Customer Service, Mistakes and Indecent Exposure

I have been advertising with your company since day one.  In your second year, Bob got me the biggest ad, if not one of the biggest ad in the dentists section.

As you know, most of my advertising budget goes to the Paradise Pages.  I dont know what happened this year, but your company acted weirdly and treated me terribly.   Let me share with you the events that started last November 2006.

Let me say that Bob Olovsson is a damn good representative.  He has helped so much in 2006 and 2007.   No one else did as much.  Unfortunately, there is only so much he can do from the mainland.  Someone else here needs to do some work here.

Almost one year ago, it was Bob and not the local Paradise Page that told me about the iTV commercials.   He was surprised that no one told me because it was so close to the deadline.  Bob got me in before the Oceanic deadline with only days for me to prepare for the shoot.

Corina Wexler was assigned to me as my representative.

Mistake #1Deadline Past.  We dont have any spot for you.  (See email below)

That was wrong.  There were many spaces available.   Dont you want my business?

Mistakes #2:  Poor spelling and poor English. (See email below)

This is not acceptable for a representative of her status.  How can you trust your representative to spell the words on my ad when her English is so bad?   Here is a sample of her unaltered email to me:


Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006 14:36:27 -1000 (HST)

Subject: Re: Paradise Yellow Pages

From: Corina Wexler <cwexler@theparadisepages.com >


….Dr Wong, we do not have any current television spot right now .  The

first launch is November 15th.  The businesses that do have commercials

with us, already produced their commercials, and they will appear for the

november launch.


As for the promtion and what we will   be doing.  I, nor do any of the

other reps have that information right now. The information I currently

have is that I know Paradise and Oceanic will both be doing promotions,

what those promotions are, I do not know.  Whe I ge that information I

will be sure to let you know.


If you feel, that there are not enough subscribers, and the ones that are

sunscribers are not going to see channel 1, why do u just wait for the

first launch, and come in for the 2nd launch.  It gives you more time to

think about it, and get more material together, and it also allows you to

see the promotions for the channel, and the channel in action.   You will

still get free air time, its just a less amount.  And it also gives us

time to start working opn your yellow page program.


Do you want me to show you more sample emails showing the same as above text?  Let me know.

Mistake #3:  Indecent Exposure

In our first meeting, the button over her breast was open.  When she moved, the skin over the left breast was exposed.   I reported this to the Paradise Pages and nothing was done.  My exact words to Tee, Gene and Bob were she was exposed to all for at least sometime…   Usually a company would want to send me a written apology from a company supervisor.  This was very unusual that the Paradise Pages ignored this incident.

Let me go on record, again, by saying I dont appreciate this type of behavior.  If it was a mistake or wardrobe-malfunction, it still does not make it right.  Dentists routinely go to liability classes to insure that our patients never put us in this position.   Your representative did.

After this meeting, I asked the Paradise Pages for a new representative.  I told the Paradise Pages that I was very uncomfortable having Corina Wexler as my representative.   Bob Olovsson was instrumental in getting Gene Stoudt assigned to me at this time.


Mistake #4:  Corina Double Books a Commercial Shoot

Sent:  November 06, 2006

To: bobolovsson

RE:  Gene Stoudt Taking Over...


...Bob, Bree Bumatai Oceanic told me that I was double-booked.   Since time is money, she didnt appreciate the double-booking.

That was the absolute last straw.  I fired her already!   Why is tormenting me by double-booking me?  Doesnt she know that Lawton Wong and Lawton Wong, DDS, Inc is the same company?  Oceanic was expecting me to make two commercials on the same day!   I should know; I had to tell Oceanic that I didnt make either booking!

Mistake #5:  Corina Wexler tries to contact me even after I fired her.


Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2006 15:39:43 -1000 (HST)

Subject: RE: iTV

From: Corina Wexler <cwexler@theparadisepages.com >

To: LW <LawtonWongDDS@XXX.XXX>


…Dr. Wong,



…I want to assure you Dr. Wong that I am quite capapble of

handling your account and answering your questions.  If I do not know the

answer I will find out for you.  I also am aware that you thought I was

dressed unprofessionally.  I apologize if you believe so, but a button on

my blouse had come undone by accident , and I was not aware of it.  I

apologize for the inconveinance of that incident….

Dont you think this apology should come from her supervisor?


Oceanic Paradise Page Mistakes:

The Oceanic Paradise Page commercial was a complete waste of my time.  Please ask Gene and Tee.   They will verify what I went through.

When I do take on a project with you, I always do it well.  However, it was so close to the deadline, I had to spend some many rush-hours preparing.   I spent many late-night hours researching this project.  At my office, I spent many hours over the few days I had to give myself the best opportunity to get a good commercial together.  

Here is a summary of what I did for the shoot.  In just six days I was given, I did the following:

1.      Made a script, as per required by Oceanic

2.      Paid for 2 patient testimonials and arranged for their transportation to Oceanic.

3.      Photos, video dental taking and editing.

4.      Extensive talks with Bree Bumatai

5.      Commercial coaching lessons.

6.      Video editing copyrighted material.  Permission asked and received.

7.      Image capturing, dental hi-tech.

8.      Captek audio and visual transfer project ($500 fee OKd by Captek private video lab, but I did it instead).

9.      New wardrobe, hair styling etc.

10.  Asked that Tee join me that day.


All of the above took a lot of my time.  The studio shoot took time.  It was Tee that would tell me during the shoot, I did an excellent job in getting everything prepared.  I was the only company that had brought in testimonials and my patients did a great job.   She congratulated me for a job well done.

In front of me and my two patients, Jordan promised us that we would be seen on TV on November 15, 2006.  We were told that each of us would be getting a personal DVD of the commercial.  As you know, neither promise was kept by Oceanic.

Oceanic said I need to construct a script.  Here is the script I made per Oceanics request:

Opens with Racquael Balinbins Script:

Fade in from black to middle aged attractive female seen covering her mouth with both hands.   She is sitting (or standing?) with shoulders hunched.  She looks sad with droopy eyes.  The light is set at a low intensity and the background is drab or dark.

Camera zooms in slowly, not full face yet.  We hear the start of the words I was so ashamed reverberating throughout the set before we start to see her face.   When we start to see her, caption fades in below and reads:

Racquel B, Patient of

Lawton Wong, DDS

<R>:   I was so ashamed.   I had so many ugly pukas teeth, I didnt want to be seen in public...(sighs) 

Camera zooms in to almost full face.  Increase lighting illuminating her face.   A stronger light beams on her mouth highlighting her teeth.  She uncovers her mouth and breaks into a huge smile and laughs (as she has a wonderful laugh) and with an extremely happy face proclaims:

<R>:  ...but that was before I meet Dr. Wong!   He saved my teeth, fixed my smile and changed my life forever!  

Camera zooms to full face and stops.

She shows a big, big smile, tilts her head slightly to the right, (maybe points to her teeth with both hands) and exclaims jubilantly:

<R>: I’m so happy.  Now, I smile wherever I go.   Thank you so much Dr. Wong!  Love yah!

Fade out to white.

(word count for <R> = 57)

Fade in with Dr. Lawton Wong superimposed on a picture of Kaheka Professional Center in the background.

Caption below reads:

Dr. Lawton Wong    1481 S. King St., Ste 301


Kaheka Professional Center    Honolulu, HI  96814


Hi Tech, Family Dentist    949-8101




Note:  Dr. Wong is very near-sited.   Please make the teleprompter words large enough to be seen without his glasses.  Thanks!




<Dr L>:  Hi, Im Dr. Lawton Wong.   As a Hawaii licensed dentist, I have been creating smiles for over 25 years. I run a high-tech dental office for all your dental needs.

Fade in background pictures of inside of Dr. Wongs office.  Patients and staff are smiling and happy.

We are conveniently located in the Ala Moana area.

Fade in words superimposed:  HDS, HMSA, HMAA, Tricare participating

<Dr L>:  As you can see below, we accept most dental insurances.   New and emergency patients are welcome.  I love being a dentist and love to bring hi-tech dentistry to my patients.

Fade in picture of Dr. Wong is talking to smiling patient while pointing to a digital x-ray.

Fade into center a picture of a digital x-ray.

<Dr L>:  We were one of the first in Hawaii to use the Denoptix digital x-ray system.   Digital x-rays are safer because it uses 90% less radiation then standard x-rays.

(word count = 100 <L> + 64 <R> = 164)

Center picture of digital x-ray grows smaller and moves to lower left.

Fade in small picture of metal-free fillings to center of screen.

<Dr L>:  We do most dental procedures (such as root canals, gum, oral surgery, etc).   As in Racquaels case, I use white fillings for a better esthetic appearance.  We also make flexible dentures.

Center picture of metal-free fillings grows smaller and moves lower next to digital x-ray picture.

Fade in 2 pictures of Valplast denture to center.  Alternate showing these 2 pictures on top of each other.   One picture shows a Valplast denture intact, next picture shows hand bending it together.

<Dr L>:  The Valplast denture is guaranteed not to break under normal wear use.   It has a beautiful life-like quality, yet it flexible to give the user a comfort not usually seen in most dentures.

Fade in implant pictures.

<Dr L>:  Implants are now the standard of care to permanently replace missing teeth.   


Jean Mullenniexs script

Fade in older women.  Fade out implant pictures.   She is happy and smiling.

<J>:  I have been going to Dr. Wong for over 15 years.   Dr. Wong saved my smile by placing an implant on my upper front tooth.  It healed rapidly without any pain.  I havent had any problems with it.  Youre looking at it right now.  Dr. Wong is such a sweet person.   I highly recommend you see him for all your dental needs.

Smiles and fade. 

Fade in Dental Laser.  Dr. Wong fades in a small window.

<Dr L>:   We excite to be the first in Hawaii to own the cordless dental laser by Ivoclar.   We find that a laser offers a level of precision that isnt available in conventional dentistry.  Our laser is so gentle, certain dental procedures, including surgeries, can be done without shots and amazingly without bleeding.   For example, we can zap canker cold sores giving you immediate relief from pain while promoting healing at the wound site.  Sensitive teeth can be de-sensitized with just a wave of my laser.   You can see why were very excited about our new dental laser.

Fade in laughing smiling staff talking to patients.

When Dr. Wong says Please give us a call caption reads:

Lawton Wong, DDS

1481 S. King Ste 301

Honolulu, HI

Call 949-8101


<Dr. L>:  Finally, I am blessed to have a very friendly and caring staff.   They go the extra mile to comfort and accommodate all your dental needs.  Please give us a call or visit us on the web.   Our number is on the screen.  Thank you.

Dr. Wong fades, caption grows bigger and remains on screen.


Mark Rosa Script:

Fade into thirtysomething young man.  Probably dont have enough time for him….


Mistake #6:  We loved your script!   Creative!  Dynamite!  Dont tell me you werent in theater!

From: Tee <tee@theparadisepages.com >

Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2006 14:30:45 -1000


Got the photos...Wow what a testimony! [script]

Great Job!



Everyone, including Oceanic said that the script was great.  However, when I got to the studio, it was a Mickey Mouse amateur setup with amateur personnel.   Oceanic did not have the capability to follow my script and it was not used.  Look at how my script doesnt even come close to the commercial Oceanic made.   Oceanic wasted my time and my patients time with empty promises.

During the next 6 months David, Gene, Tee and I would have to fight Oceanic to get my commercial completed.   It never was.  Tee said that the commercial just didnt make sense.  How can I accept a commercial which opens without introduction, with some strange girl beginning to speak in mid-sentence?   If you need more, just ask Gee or Tee to verify the details.  I dont believe I need to further document the troubles we had with this TV commercial.

Unfortunately, Oceanic didnt answer phone calls and emails.  This made it extremely frustrating.

If it is in anyones power, please write a letter to my two patients who were kind enough to speak on my behalf.   Please give them a DVD that was promised them that they never received.  If this is not possible, please at least apologize for their time and inconvenience.

End of Documentation #1.  Documentation #2 to follow soon in next email.   Please be patient as it is not completed yet.


01:38 pm - Info on MySpace and BlogSpot here

The two other blogs regarding my ad in the Paradise Pages book are here:



The Blogs are now searchable on Google:


After things are settled with the Paradise Pages, I probably will delete all blog entries.  Why bother with the negative?  I just want to get their attention for once.  Gee Gene, why did you have to be invisible this year?

Sep. 16th, 2007

11:48 pm

Complaint made to the Paradise Pages, A YellowBook.com

Thank you visiting my Blog. 

Maintaining a dental practice in Honolulu, Hawaii, usually means I don’t get home until 8 or 9 pm.  I work hard and love what I do.

I have advertised in the Paradise Page Yellow Pages since the company started in Hawaii.  This is the only year that the picture quality really suffered. 

Please judge for yourself.  I feel that the poor quality of this ad seen on p.382 of the 2007 - 2008 Paradise Pages does not justify the $10,000 bill I received.

Recently, I have been receiving calls and emails from the company from people who don't identify themselves.  They have been pressuring me to settle for their substandard work.  Strangely, this is the more communication than I received from the representative that was helping me. 

Today, my Norton’s System Works went bad.  I’m going to document my complaint here as a backup.  I’m doing this in case this computer goes down and I can’t access it.

Thanks for looking.